Difference Between Piano and Keyboard

Both the piano and the keyboard are musical instruments. Both are popular and each one has its advantages and disadvantages that make certain musicians prefer or reject them, therefore, although they share certain similarities, the truth is that they are different and it is good to be clear about what makes them different. Difference Between Piano and Keyboard

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information to complement what you already know about the difference between keyboard and piano, then keep reading, because below we will tell you everything you need to know about this subject that can not only interest musicians; but to anyone who is curious.

PIANO  Difference Between Piano and Keyboard

The piano is an older and more traditional model . Furthermore, it is an acoustic instrument; that is, the music originally comes out of it when it is played. It does not require electricity.

Each key of the piano is responsible for moving strings that are inside it and in this way the characteristic sounds of this instrument are produced. Due to this detail of the strings, it requires greater care and high maintenance.

A piano is larger and more organic than a keyboard, but unlike the latter it cannot imitate other sounds; that is, it can only produce piano sounds, not other instruments such as violin, banjo, guitar, among others. Also, pianos are often much more expensive than keyboards.


On the other hand, the keyboard is a modern invention and it is electronic; that is, it requires being connected to electricity to produce sounds. Produces digital music that has been previously recorded on the device .

The detail of the digital and synthetic of the keyboard has led some to criticize and consider the sound of this instrument as a cheap imitation of the piano. However, there is no doubt that the keyboard is much more versatile than the latter; for this reason it is more popular today.

In the same way, the keyboard has other advantages: it does not require much maintenance and can reproduce the sound of various instruments, such as the violin, piano, guitar and banjo; as long as the sounds have been previously recorded on it.

Finally, of the most notable differences between pianos and keyboards, it cannot be forgotten that keyboards are smaller and tend to be much cheaper than pianos. The latter are not portable.

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