Difference between pistil and carpel

The anthology is the study of flowers and flowering plants, dealing primarily with the structure and function of angiosperms.  Difference between pistil and carpel

What is a flower?  Difference between pistil and carpel

Flowers are the reproductive part of plant, consisting of sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils. A complete flower consists of both vegetative and reproductive parts, which play an important role in the reproductive process of plants . Among all the other reproductive parts, the carpels and pistils are the basic units of the gynoecium, the female part of a flower.

What is carpel? Difference between pistil and carpel

The carpel is the fourth whorl of the flower present in the center. It mainly comprises the style, the stigma and the ovary, the female parts of a flower. A single flower can have one or more carpels.

What is pistil?

The pistil is the innermost female part of a flower that contains seeds. It is generally located towards the center and consists of a swollen base called the ovary. The pistil can also be called a collection of carpels, which fuse together.

Let’s learn about the differences between carpel and pistil.

Carpel vs Pistil –  Differences

Carpel Pistil
Female reproductive structures in a flower. Ovule or female organ that carries the seeds of a flower.
Composed of ovary, stigma and style. Composed of a variable number of carpels.
It works by producing eggs. There is no production of eggs.
It undergoes fertilization. Fertilization does not occur.
There is a production of seeds. There is no seed production.
Helps in seed dispersal. It serves as the female reproductive part of the flower.
The total number of styles in the flower helps to distinguish the number of carpels. The total number of ovaries in the flower helps to distinguish the number of pistils.

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