Difference between Plastic and Rubber

There were many discoveries that allowed humanity to advance: fire, wood, cement, metal that’s how (discovering things) that little by little we got to where we are today. Difference between Plastic and Rubber

With the continuous evolution of technology, progress is becoming more and more; but although these advances are mostly materialistic, the truth is that through them various benefits are obtained throughout the world.

Plastic and rubber are two of those materials that revolutionized the industry. They differ in their properties, uses, and forms; however, both are largely functional.

Most of us know that rubber and plastic are different things, but in case you have doubts or just curiosity; Here we explain a little more about the things that make them differ.

PLASTIC  Difference between Plastic and Rubber

Plastic is defined as an organic material that has a polymeric structure and is derived from oil or petroleum jelly (which in turn is derived from petroleum).

It is a synthetic or artificial material. In addition, it is rich in molecular mass, which makes it moldable when subjected to certain temperatures and is widely used in the manufacture of many other materials such as: coatings, artificial fibers, household items.

Contains polymers, including: stabilizers, fillers, pigments. There are many types of plastic, but the two main ones are thermoplastics and thermosets.

If compared to rubber, plastic is much more widely used around the world. It is used in clothing, food and beverage packaging, construction.


On the other hand, rubber is defined as an organic material derived from the sap of rubber trees. The sap or “latex” of the trees is coagulated and dried to make rubber.

It is elastic in nature and is classified as a type of elastomer. It also features a high stretch ratio, high tear and water resistance.

Unlike plastic, which contains the aforementioned polymers; the rubber is mixed with iso-propene, other organic compounds and water. Also, there are only two types of rubber, natural and synthetic.

As already mentioned, the uses that are given to rubber are minor compared to those that are given to plastic; however, its use is very frequent in tires, industries and toys.

Due to its somewhat similar nature in some respects, plastic is sometimes used to make synthetic rubber.

Note: depending on the country or region, the word rubber may have other meanings. They also call it “rubber” (yes, there are rubber ducks).

Key Difference 

  • Plastic is a material with a polymeric structure derived from oil or petroleum jelly, while rubber is a material derived from the sap of rubber trees.
  • Plastic belongs to a subgroup, while second one is a natural product.
  • Plastic is less elastic than rubber.
  • Plastic is more widely used than rubber.

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