Difference Between Poem and Poetry

You will remember the poems from kindergarten or at least those that you read and read to you when you were little. They were written in metric lines and involved particular rhythmic characteristics. These poems were simple and in some cases even funny. They were generally sung in chorus by everyone in the classroom. But the poems are not limited to those that are part of your childhood memories, but there is an immense variety of poems with different styles and that include other complex ingredients. Difference Between Poem and Poetry

In general, poems are made up of verses that are grouped into stanzas (there are exceptions), but then what is called poetry) .

If you do not know or have doubts about the difference between poem and poetry, read on and find out.

POETRY  Difference Between Poem and Poetry

Poetry is a word of Greek origin that means “to do, to create.” It can be defined as the art of composing poems. It is an art because poems are used to communicate thoughts, feelings, creative or imaginative ideas, and even states of the soul.

To understand the relationship between poem and poetry , we can consider an analogy. Imagine it as the relationship between ceramics and vessels made by a potter. Also, a poet composes poems and the art of making these poems is known as poetry.

The ancient Greeks used poetry especially to celebrate the exploits of their heroes. Examples of this are found in works such as the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Sometimes the term “poetry” is also used to describe a set of poems, which may or may not be related by theme, author, or style.


The poems are compositions that in many cases (but not all) tend to conform to the metric rules, have rhyme, rhythm and are made up of verses that are distributed in stanzas.

Its length can vary, there are poems that have thousands of verses and others that only consist of three. They regularly communicate profound ideas using different literary resources and rhetorical figures such as metaphor , alliteration, allegory, irony.

The three main genres that poems are grouped into are: lyrical, epic, and dramatic.

Difference between poetry and poem

  • Poetry is the art that consists of the composition of poems, while poems are the works that result from the exercise of poetry.

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