Difference Between Proper and Common Nouns

Substantives are the words we usually use to name things, for example: people, animals, cities, etc. Difference Between Proper and Common Nouns

All nouns have their gender, this means that they can be feminine or masculine, and they also have their number, which means that they can be in the plural or in the singular.

There are many types of noun , but today we are going to two of the most used by society so that you can see how each of them differ, these are the proper nouns and the common nouns.

PROPER NOUNS  Difference Between Proper and Common Nouns

The proper nouns are the names that USAMO to identify something, whether a person, an animal or a country. These proper nouns must always have their first initial letter capitalized.

A clear example of what proper nouns are, are all these proper names and their meanings , but also the names of cities or countries such as Madrid, Spain, Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Mexico, etc.

Some examples of proper nouns in a sentence:

  • Manuel has long hair.
  • The capital of Spain is wonderful.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world.
  • I want to go to Mexico to eat quesadillas.

When we are going to use Antonio’s proper name, for example, we will only be able to use this proper noun with those people who carry that name, in this way we can differentiate this person from another, because when Antonio hears that name, he knows they are referring to him .


On the other hand, common nouns are those used to name objects and things that are of the same species. For example, they can be: the flowers, the girl, the cars, the television, the horses, etc.

Using the examples of common nouns above in a sentence:

  • I have to pick the flowers to water them.
  • The girl has gone out for a walk.
  • Cars pollute a lot.
  • Turn on the TV , I’m looking forward to seeing it.
  • The horses must be trained .

When we are about to name a flower, for example, this is a common noun and it means that we are identifying any of the flowers that exist .

Hopefully it has been clear to you what the difference is between a proper noun and a common noun, if so, share this article on your favorite social network to help us continue writing new content for this website.

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