Difference Between Puppet and Marionette

Entertainment and games are important elements in the life of all human beings. Since we are little we need them and a large part of our learning and individual and social development we owe to both. Difference Between Puppet and Marionette

When it comes to games, we all have our preferences, but without a doubt one of the most popular and ancestral forms of entertainment has to do with the use of dolls, puppets and marionettes.

Sure you are very clear about what a doll is, but if you have doubts about the difference between a puppet and a marionette; keep reading because we will explain it to you below.

PUPPET  Difference Between Puppet and Marionette

A puppet is simply a kind of doll that represents a human or animal. Puppets are obviously manipulated by someone who goes by the name of a puppeteer.

The puppeteer is responsible for all movements of the puppet and always uses his hands to handle it.


Marionette are a type of puppet, but they are distinguished from the former because they are not controlled directly with the hands; rather, they generally have strings through which their movements are controlled.

The manipulation of marionettes is considered as a more complex job than that of the puppeteer, since it is necessary to have very good body control to be able to express oneself clearly through the use of this kind of representation tools.

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Key Difference

  •  A puppet is a movable figure which represents a person or animal. It is controlled or manipulated by a puppeteer. Marionette is a puppet which is animated by using wires or strings. Marionettes are often considered to be complex than other types of puppets.

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