Difference between Racism and Discrimination

Human relationships are very complex, which is why throughout history everything has been seen and, in the most negative sense, we have from conflicts due to skin color that some have to problems due to gender or other characteristics. of others. Difference between Racism and Discrimination

Here we explain what the difference is between racism and discrimination, two concepts closely related to the problems mentioned in the first paragraph and that still affect society today.

DISCRIMINATION  Difference between Racism and Discrimination

Discriminating someone means treating them badly or unfairly, but this  unfair treatment could be due or directed only to certain elements, including gender, community, height, weight, voice, social or economic status, political inclinations, religion … It can even discriminate someone for preferring one ice cream flavor over another or for being a fan of a certain artist.

Discrimination has a lot to do with prejudice and with the idea that your own taste or ideas are better than those of others. For example, those who discriminate on religious grounds believe that their religion is better than others; although it could also be the case that the person does not have any religion and considers that those who do have it are in some way wrong.


Racism is a type of discrimination, but based on the idea of ​​”race” and that some of these “races” are superior to others.

For racists, humans are divided according to the color of their skin and other traits that determine “what race they belong to.” This type of discrimination has its own plate and is often confused with the general term because throughout history it has been and continues to be very common and is observed even in the most advanced societies. Likewise, due to racism, atrocious acts have been committed and human rights have been violated for centuries; as happened with the enslavement of blacks.

Many genocides and even the Holocaust have occurred due to the racist ideas of some people or groups. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is not always discriminated only by color and; Not only are blacks discriminated against (although this group has been the most affected), they are also discriminated for the simple fact of belonging to a different ethnic group or culture.

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