Difference Between Sarcasm and Satire

Words are meant for human beings to understand each other and to share their ideas and thoughts with others. Names are words that are given to individuals to differentiate them from each other. The words are used everywhere: home, school, work; in short, anywhere. Difference Between Sarcasm and Satire

People communicate with words, whether spoken or written, and they also use words when they want to directly influence others. All this results in word games, which are used a lot in Literature.

Through words, various games can be played for fun purposes or to communicate a thought, but when we want the message not to go unnoticed and provoke a reaction in others; many times we resort to figures of speech, alliteration, hyperbole, sarcasm and satire.

SATIRE:  Difference Between Sarcasm and Satire

Satire is a literary genre that is also present in the graphic and performing arts. It is a form of constructive criticism aimed at ridiculing those to whom it is directed. Its purpose is to use humor to instigate people towards positive change.

It uses exaggeration, alliteration, pun, sham, and mockery to show the follies, abuses, and shortcomings that are common to people. It is a comical way of making people uncomfortable to improve their lives.


Sarcasm, on the other hand, is an observation or mockery that is more painful and unpleasant. As in satire, sarcasm uses irony and mockery, but, unlike satire; this one is done more blatantly. It can also be directed indirectly to any individual through the use of indirect states.

Sarcasm may not be noticeable in print as it is often exhibited through vocal inflection. A sarcastic statement is perceptible only through the tone of the voice of the person saying it, but it can also be a direct statement with harsh words.

Key differences between sarcasm and satire

  • While satire is constructive, sarcasm can be destructive. Although they both aim to make people see their mistakes through wit and humor.
  • Sarcasm can be rude and borders on intimidation. The satire is more subtle and light so that the person to whom it is addressed does not feel offended.
  •  Sarcasm is often done in a conversation between two people, while satire is done with a larger group; usually with an interpreter and an audience, or a writer and his readers. It can be found in literature, plays, movies, and music.
  • Satire is a literary genre that uses wit and humor to spur people toward positive action, while sarcasm is a statement or comment that is harshly pointed at a person.
  • Satire can be recognized immediately, while sarcasm depends on the intonation of voice with which it is said.

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