difference between science and technology

The science and technology are closely interrelated, especially if we consider that both play an important role in our lives. difference between science and technology

To understand the fundamental differences between them, it is necessary to know and understand the basic concepts that underlie both and on which they are based and developed.

SCIENCE  difference between science and technology

Science has to do with the development of some hypotheses that seek to explain certain phenomena. These hypotheses are subjected to controlled experimentation and the observations are then analyzed to reach certain conclusions.

Science differs from technology in processes, effects, and results. To excel in the fields of science you need experimental and logical skills.

The term “science” derives from the Latin word ” scientia “ , which means “knowledge”; This explains why science places so much emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge.

It is from the knowledge generated through science that technologies are developed.

In science you theorize and draw accurate conclusions from accurate data. This feature allows science to work on predictions; that although they may be false in some cases, they are always improving.

Scientific knowledge and methodologies constitute an important contribution to the development of technological practices and their results. They are also useful for establishing explanations for why certain technology interventions have succeeded or failed in the past.


Technology is related to the design and development of solutions for certain problems, as well as the creation of certain products that contribute to facilitating and improving people’s lives.

While first one builds on and works with the scientific method, technology focuses on design and production.

For technology, the person is required to have skills to design, build, plan, make decisions, solve problems and also interpersonal skills.

The term “technology” derives from the Greek word ” techne “, which means “art” and ” lodge “; which means “study.”

Technology progresses thanks to science and engineering. It requires the active participation of scientists and engineers to create or invent a product.

Its uses concrete materials for the manufacture of products, while science has to do with the ideas and intellectual creations of human beings.

With technology, unlike science; Yes, it is possible to work from conclusions and imprecise data and approximate models.

Technological inventions (which are achieved mainly thanks to science), in turn contribute so that science can obtain better and more precise results in its investigations. Therefore, both are closely related and it can be said that to some extent, they depend on each other to continue evolving and improving.

Key differences between science and technology

  • Science seeks the “why”, while technology is interested in the “how.”
  • Technology is more dependent on science than technology science.
  • The first one focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, while second one emphasizes the design and creation of products.

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