Difference Between Seduction and Manipulation

Seduction and manipulation are two important ingredients of human behavior, which are based on techniques to influence other people. Difference Between Seduction and Manipulation

Influence on another individual can be exercised consciously or unconsciously. Both manipulation and seduction fall into the category of influential behavior, but it is important to be clear that they are different behaviors .

To clarify any doubts you may have in this regard, below we explain the difference between seduction and manipulation.

HANDLING  Difference Between Seduction and Manipulation

Manipulation consists of taking advantage of situations or consciously generating them in order to influence others. It occurs naturally in humans from an early age.

We often manipulate other individuals as we go about our day. A manipulative person takes advantage of the stage and always hides his true intentions.

An example of manipulation occurs when a child cries for his mother to buy him candy and if she decides not to buy it, the child increases crying and throws other tantrums. In this case it is about manipulation, because the child knows that his mother will want him to stop crying and that the chances of her doing what he wants are greater as his crying increases.


On the other hand, seduction is more related to persuasion and generally involves a series of offers that are intended to make other people fall into temptation.

Those who are seducers often use lies to seduce and promise things that are impossible to fulfill in reality.

In most cases (not all), seduction involves sexual aspects, therefore, whoever seduces seeks to influence the desires and emotions of others.

An example of seduction could be that a person who does not believe in fate or in the lottery, one day decides to buy a ticket because he saw or read an ad that showed how good it would be to win it.

It can also be the case that a person is unconsciously seductive, because they may not know how to behave in certain contexts.

As you can see, manipulation and seduction are different; but they also have certain similarities. Now, it is important that you remember that in society manipulation can have worse consequences and is less accepted than seduction, especially when it is intended to manipulate people who occupy a relevant place in society.

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