Difference Between Selfie and Groupie

You only need to be alive to hear or read the word selfie everywhere, a word that became very fashionable after the photo of a group of celebrities went viral on social networks; but in addition to the fact of the virality that said photo reached, one of the things that could attract the attention of some is that although everyone calls him a selfie, in reality he is a groupie. Difference Between Selfie and Groupie

If you still can’t distinguish between these two concepts, keep reading; because below we explain what is the difference between selfie and groupie.

SELFIE Difference Between Selfie and Groupie

A selfie is a photo of yourself taken by yourself, it’s that simple. People often use their smartphones, tablets or cameras to take photos. Many stand in front of a mirror or use the odd tool to press the shutter and take photos. Now, what makes a selfie so is that in the photo that has been taken by a certain person, only that person appears
The very word “selfie” can give you an idea that the above is true.


As the word indicates, in this case it is not a single person in a photo; but of a group. But what makes a groupie a groupie is the fact that the photo is taken by one of the members of the group that appears in the photograph.

For example, if a group of friends get together for a photo; but this is taken by someone else who does not appear in the photograph, so it is not said that he is a groupie.

In this article I have tried to discuss the proper definition of selfie and groupie, their main differences  also discussed. I hope you all will get it better.

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