Difference Between Seller and Supplier

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information, keep reading, because below we explain what the difference is between a seller and a supplier.

SUPPLIER  Difference Between Seller and Supplier 

Suppliers are generally called sellers; since as companies they are in charge of selling parts, materials and machines to manufacture the goods that are acquired by the consumer. In this sense, the suppliers can be manufacturers, processors, packers, dealers , merchants, wholesalers and distributors; depending on the type of specific work they do for their clients.

What is certain is that suppliers can be individuals or organizations that provide other organizations, companies or businesses with the resources they need.

In business terms , the suppliers are in charge of supplying the goods and services that are required by the respective authorities. Regardless, they can sometimes act as salespeople (in rare cases).


Sellers differ from suppliers because their function is to sell products directly to customers, that is, to final consumers (not to businesses that sell them later).

They provide consumers with all the necessary comforts, in order to buy their products. Likewise, sellers buy products from suppliers and sell them to people at a reasonable price; but it allows them to make a profit.

Those who sell products directly to normal buyers operate in a competitive environment in which they have to fight to offer the goods and services that those who buy really want.

Finally, the suppliers are usually the original manufacturers; while sellers are usually those who buy from suppliers to sell directly to consumers. For example, Coca-Cola is a supplier, since buyers do not go directly to that company to buy its products; while the stores and small businesses that are in charge of buying from Coca-Cola to sell “to the rest of the mortals” are sellers.

Note:  just as in exceptional cases, suppliers can act as sellers, also sellers (in the case of large businesses) can act as suppliers of smaller businesses.

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