Difference Between Sheriff and Police

Both police officers and sheriffs are government officials whose main job is to protect citizens by applying the law to maintain order. Both patrol the cities to make sure that everything is going well and that people do not commit criminal acts, however, despite the similarities there are some details that make the difference between the role of one and the other. Difference Between Sheriff and Police

If you don’t know what the difference is between a police officer and a sheriff, keep reading, because we will explain it to you below.

SHERIFF  Difference Between Sheriff and Police

A sheriff or bailiff is a law enforcement officer whose responsibility is to maintain order in a state or country , although in practice the combination of legal, political and ceremonial duties may vary depending on the location.

Sheriffs exist in different countries and in each of them their responsibilities may vary according to the legal program followed in each nation. In many places bailiffs act as administrative legal officers, but in countries such as Scotland they play the role of judges at court and in other nations such as India, Wales and England they occupy a ceremonial position.

In the United States, sheriffs are distributed according to each county in which they are considered the highest officers. They are almost always elected by the citizens themselves and are sometimes called “marshals” or “marshals.”


The word police can refer both to the body of people empowered by the State to exercise the law, as well as to the individual who belongs to said body; but in general, the police are in charge of protecting property and limiting civil disorder.

Police powers include the legitimate use of force and the arrest of anyone who violates the law.

Police forces provide their services to certain countries or States and police forces are known to be separate groups whose differences range from the military element to other organizations that focus for example on the defense of the State against terrorist threats or attacks and also foreign threats. .

Police officers have limited jurisdiction and usually patrol towns and cities to make sure everything is running smoothly. Compared to sheriffs, police officers have more limited rights and duties and generally have to report to a higher-ranking government official.

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