Difference Between Sociology and Anthropology with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

Main Difference – Sociology vs Anthropology

Sociology and anthropology are both fields that study human society and the human being. The main difference between sociology and anthropology is the approach adopted in each discipline. UNA Anthropology studies human societies and cultures and their development. Sociology studies the development, structure and functions of human society.

What is sociology                        Difference Between Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology is an academic field that focuses on human interactions, social structure, and social organization. Under this field, areas such as development, structures, organizations, units, institutions and social roles of individuals, etc. are studied. The subject of sociology ranges from the micro, individual and family levels to the macro level of social systems and structures.

Social class, social stratification, social mobility, law, etc. are the areas that traditionally focus on sociology. Now it has expanded to other disciplines such as medicine, politics, education, military, etc.

Sociology uses quantitative and qualitative data collected through surveys and samplings. Furthermore, sociology traditionally focused on industrialized Western societies.

What is anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of human beings in terms of physical characteristics, environmental and social relationships, and culture. Anthropology focuses on culture and its characteristics. Areas like art, gender, language, religion are studied in anthropology. In anthropology, communities, their cultures, traditions are closely observed. Anthropologists study how individuals, families, and communities engage with larger society and social trends. The characteristics of a group of people are often compared to others.

There are different subfields in anthropology. For example, cultural anthropology focuses on the study of cultural variations between different groups. Linguistic anthropology focuses on the influence of language on society. Biological anthropology is a scientific discipline that focuses on the biological and behavioral aspects of human beings.

Anthropology mainly uses qualitative data, as it studies culture and communities. Anthropology has traditionally focused on non-Western countries, but this practice is now changing.

Difference between sociology and anthropology


Sociology  It is the study of the development, structure and functioning of human society.

Anthropology It is the study of human societies and cultures and their development.


Sociology Focuses on social problems and institutions.

Anthropology  Focuses on culture and community.


Sociology Uses quantitative and qualitative data.

Anthropology uses qualitative data.


Sociology Studies areas such as social class, social stratification, social mobility, law, etc.

Anthropology  Studies areas such as art, gender, language, and religion.


Sociology Traditionally focused on Western societies.

Anthropology Traditionally focused on non-Western societies.


Sociology It is divided into different sub-fields, such as gender studies, criminology, social work, etc.

Anthropology It is divided into different subfields, such as linguistic anthropology, archeology, forensic anthropology, etc.

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