Difference Between Sound and Noise

Sound and noise are two words that “sound like” to us, since we use them on a daily basis in many contexts. However, the problem with these concepts comes when we use them interchangeably to refer to the same thing. Difference Between Sound and Noise

You should know that noise and sound are not the same, for this reason, below we clarify what the difference between one and the other is.

SOUND Difference Between Sound and Noise

In Physics , talking about sound is the same as talking about mechanical pressure waves that are transmitted through matter or fluids that allow their propagation.

The matter that allows such transmission is known as a  medium,  for this reason, sound does not propagate in a vacuum (it requires the existence of matter).

Not all sounds are perceptible to the human ear, in addition, our age plays an important role regarding the perception of them; since as we age, we are less likely to hear certain frequencies.

In a general sense, humans can perceive frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz), but as we said before; this may vary depending on each person.

Other species like dogs have the ability to hear   higher frequencies compared to humans. People hear sounds when vibrations pass through the ear and resonate in their eardrums. It is those vibrations that are responsible and those that determine the sound we hear.

Sounds include noises, music , speech 

The word derives from the Latin  sonatas. Sounds are measured in decibels and the louder the sound, the higher its decibel value.

Other definitions of sound

  • It is the sensation produced  by the stimulation produced  by vibrations in the organs of hearing, transmitted by air or any other medium.
  • They are mechanical vibrations that are transmitted through elastic media, traveling in the air at a speed of approximately 1,087 feet (331 meters) per second above sea level.
  • It is the particular auditory effect produced by a certain cause.

Examples in which the word sound is used

  • The battle began with the sound of trumpets.
  • I already activated the sound on the cell phone.
  • The sound of the forest gives me a lot of peace.

In a general sense, we use the word sound mostly when we refer to an auditory effect that is not annoying (this does not necessarily mean that we use that term only to refer to auditory effects that enlarge us, but also to describe those that simply do not affect us. bother).


Noise is a type of sound,  but this term is generally used to refer to loud and unwanted sounds (which are often very annoying). In Physics and analog electronics, noise is an unwanted perception regarding a certain signal, for example; as many people do with static on a radio station.

As you can understand, noises are sounds; but annoying, unpleasant and unwanted. They can include car horns, airplanes, babies crying, certain types of music, and more.

The noises tend to have an uneven quality and can be caused by musical instruments that, due to their poor condition, sound horrible.

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