Difference Between Spirit and Matter

For many science and faith are like water and oil, but for others they are two sides of the same coin; since both seek to understand not only the world, but the entire universe. However, what is clear is that both differ in terms of their ideology and the way they approach the aforementioned issue. Difference Between Spirit and Matter

The difference between matter and spirit is a key element to understand the difference between science and faith, therefore, if you have doubts about it or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know; keep reading, because below we explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic.


Matter is a scientific concept that does not have a concise definition, since over time it has been modified or changed depending on the field of study and the context.

Traditionally it is said that matter is everything that exists and has mass, that is, anything whose presence is physical; not merely abstract. However, still in fields of study such as Physics it is questioned what really constitutes matter.

Although this concept is widely used in modern sciences, its origin dates back thousands of years. Despite the fact that its definition has varied a lot over the years, the basic idea of ​​it has remained the same.


On the other hand, “spirit” is not a scientific concept; but religious and spiritual. The word itself derives from the Latin “spiritus”, which means “breath.” In most contexts this word refers to the soul (what gives life to the body), but in some they are treated as different things.

For the majority of believers the spirit is something that never perishes, but when its time comes it is detached from the body. Also, in this context, the spirit is considered to be that which really defines a person. A large number of religions preach that the spirit is a gift from God.

Finally, some beliefs and religions maintain that the spirit reincarnates, while others affirm that it goes to heaven or hell depending on the actions of each person. In almost every ideology the spirit is the soul, while matter is the body.

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