Difference Between Stalker and Secret Admirers

Almost all of us feel very good when we know that we are appreciated by others, however, there are different ways of expressing appreciation towards other people and in some cases the way of expressing these types of feelings can be a bit sick. Difference Between Stalker and Secret Admirers

This time we will tell you what the difference is between a secret admirer and a stalker, so that you know how to distinguish and take the appropriate measures if you ever have to live any of these experiences.

SECRET ADMIRER  Difference Between Stalker and Secret Admirers

A secret admirer is someone who is attracted to or has feelings for another person, but keeps them secret; either out of embarrassment or fear of being rejected.

Secret admirers are usually teenagers or very young people. They tend to send letters, poems, or small gifts to whoever they like; but they do not reveal their identity.

This is an immature way of acting on the part of the admirer or admirer, but these types of individuals generally do not show obsessive or dangerous behavior, but on the contrary; They are usually very cute and adorable people.


A stalker is someone who is attracted to a person and keeps spying or harassing them. Although there are also stalkers who behave that way, not because they have a romantic interest in who they are bullying; but because they are looking for something else: personal information to carry out criminal acts, do any kind of harm to a person they hate or dislike.

In the case of the “out of love” stalker, this type of individual displays abnormal behavior and can cause a lot of harm or resort to intimidation to get what he wants.

Unlike secret admirers, stalkers are obsessive. Stalking is something for which you can even go to prison in some countries.

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