difference between strategy and tactics examples

Tactics and strategy are two words we commonly hear. Before they were frequently used as military terms, but today it is not uncommon for them to be mentioned in the business environment, sports and even games. difference between strategy and tactics examples

Although the two terms are interrelated, it is good to know that they do not mean the same thing. Although in both cases everything has to do with the purpose of achieving something, the way in which they develop is quite different. So that you can continue to expand your knowledge, we will explain the difference between strategy and tactics below.

STRATEGY  difference between strategy and tactics examples

The strategies have a great scope. They develop after having reflected on something or having had experiences. The strategies focus on the end goal and how to reach it.

A strategy is planned in advance and can be defined as an action plan devised to achieve or achieve a long-term goal. In the business field, a plan that seeks the best for the company is called a strategy. For example, imagine that you have a company and you want your new product to be a success; in that case, exposing said product to the public whenever possible is a strategy.


On the other hand, a tactic has less scope than a strategy. It focuses on trying to achieve short-term goals. Some dictionaries define it as follows: it is an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific goal.

Also, continuing with the previous example in which you have to imagine that you want a new product to be a success in your company. Above we gave you an example of what the strategy would be, but you have to know that in such a case the tactic would consist of placing advertisements; either on the internet or on television.

Key differences between tactic and strategy

  1. Strategies are long-term in scope, while tactics focus on short-term objectives.
  2. Strategies are more general, while tactics are more specific. 

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