Difference Between Stress and Tension

Both stress and tension are forces that can make individuals succumb if they are not controlled in time. Both contribute to a state of unhappiness and worry that does not allow the person to behave normally for a certain time. However, despite their similarities, it is important to always keep in mind that tension and stress are not the same; regardless of whether they may be related. Difference Between Stress and Tension

If you have doubts about it or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we will explain everything you want and need to know about this interesting topic.

STRESS  Difference Between Stress and Tension

Stress is a response of the body to a demand or environmental condition, that is, the response that an individual gives to an unwanted condition (although people can also become stressed during events or activities that they generally enjoy) is called stress.

Mostly it occurs when something that negatively affects the person happens unexpectedly. For this state to occur it is necessary for a hormonal imbalance to occur in the body, since it is this imbalance that causes all the effects in the brain.

Someone gets stressed when what happens exceeds their adaptive capacity at the moment, so it is worth mentioning that responses to stress vary greatly depending on the personality of each person.

Stress can cause observable physical effects and can affect overall health. Some common symptoms of this state are: feelings of helplessness, extreme fear, anger, cynicism and mistrust. When someone is subjected to stressful situations for a long period of time and this condition escalates further, physical symptoms such as stomach pain, general pain, nausea and nervousness can occur.


On the other hand, tension is defined as a feeling of pressure and unhappiness in the mind of the individual. Often this state is considered a real problem in the lives of those affected.

Psychologically, tension is a stretch of the nervous system, which largely controls what happens in everyone’s head. This condition makes the affected person feel anxious and overly aware of what they are doing to the point of making the individual feel threatened by what surrounds them.

Finally, stress can be caused by high pressure in the body. For example, high blood pressure, in the veins and in the nervous system. When the tension reaches a very high degree, then the individual collapses.

Both stress and tension are psychologically related. Stress is a response, whereas tension occurs after stress.

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