Difference Between Suspect and Accused

“Suspect” and “accused” are two terms closely related to criminal investigation. It is common to use or listen to them in the middle of a police investigation , which is why there are people confused about it; for not understanding what is the difference between these two concepts. Difference Between Suspect and Accused

If you are also confused or want a little more information, keep reading, because below we will explain what the difference between accused and suspect is.

SUSPICIOUS  Between Suspect and Accused

When someone is a suspect under the law, it means that they are being investigated in relation to a crime . The legal office or prosecution agency suspects that the person in question has committed a crime and investigates him in search of evidence that shows whether or not he is involved in the facts.

The suspects are subjected to a series of questions that in some cases are asked in a very intense way, to evaluate the reactions of the subjects. However, something very important to be clear about is that when a criminal case is presented, not just anyone is taken as a suspect; that is, the suspects are not chosen at random, but taking into consideration a series of elements that could link them in one way or another with what happened. For example, it is common that if a couple is seen having a strong argument and then one of the members is found murdered, the other member is suspected due to the relationship between the two and the events previously observed.

This is how the suspects are linked to certain criminal acts because the authorities in charge of carrying out the investigation have really strong reasons to consider that these people could have committed the crime.


On the other hand, a defendant is a person who is subjected to the law with the charge of having committed a crime, in other words, someone is considered as a defendant when they have been charged in relation to a criminal act.

The defendants are tried once the case has been opened against them and the accusing party and the defender appear at the trial. Each of the parties shows the relevant evidence and arguments that support their interests.

The main difference between the accused and the suspect is that the former does have a confirmed accusation against him. In this sense, it is important to clarify that the accused is not the same as convicted, since he only becomes the latter if the final verdict declares him guilty; just as a suspect is referred to as a defendant if brought to trial.

Finally, the rights of suspects and accused vary depending on the country.

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