Difference Between System Restore and System Recovery

Both terms refer to protection measures provided in the Windows Operating System, whose main function is to repair damage caused to the system in an easy way and without many complications for the common user. System restore is often quite confused with system recovery and people tend to think of it as the same thing, but there are certain differences that we will explain below.  Difference Between System Restore and System Recovery

RESTORE SYSTEM    Difference Between System Restore and System Recovery

This is a set of services / tools that are available in the Microsoft operating system and allow the user to restore the computer to a previous state. When a system restore is performed, the computer will change the files, installed applications, Windows registries, the system’s own configuration, etc. to a previous state designated by the same user. However personal files such as photos, music, documents, etc. will not be affected.

This tool that comes integrated with Windows is quite useful and is usually used when the Operating System becomes unstable, either because we have installed some incompatible hardware or software and the problems are not solved after a deinstallation. System Restore uses something called  system protection, a feature that allows you to create multiple restore points, which contain the registry settings and other computer parameters. Usually these restore points are created automatically just before installing significant software such as new drivers, however we can create other restore points ourselves manually. When the system restore is activated, the computer will restart and when it starts up again, the user will be allowed to choose the restore point they want.


The System Recovery Environment is a set of utilities available on Windows operating systems to troubleshoot recovery problems. These can be used directly from the operating system itself or they can be stored on a CD / DVD (usually Windows itself). System recovery contains startup repair, system restore, system image recovery, Windows Memory Diagnostic, and command prompt.

System recovery tools are used to repair startup problems, such as missing or corrupted files that can prevent Windows from starting normally. It also serves to replace the existing storage drive or partition (usually drive C) with a previous image of the drive. In order to do this, it must have been previously created. This set of utilities also has a built-in tool called Memory Diagnostic, which is used to find and repair errors in the computer.

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