Difference Between Teasing and Bullying

Children love to mess with other boys their age. They almost always do. But they often fail to avoid crossing the fine line between teasing and bullying. Therefore, it is important that everyone can understand the difference between two terms that are frequently confused.  Difference Between Teasing and Bullying

There are things that stop being fun and become hurtful. The b blunt and jeers to some extent are ways to socialize, which are often perceived as friendly, neutral or negative. They can take various forms, from playful and jovial to degrading, hurtful, hateful, and abusive. For this reason , it is vital to know where and when to draw the line, that is, when to stop bothering so that the mockery does not pass to greater.

DERISION  Difference Between Teasing and Bullying

The most common way to tease or joke about things is verbally. They can become funny when people laugh and have fun, but they can become cruel and painful when people “have fun with each other”; that is, when they “make fun of others.”

When done in a healthy way, teasing and teasing encourages people to come together and is a great way to “break the ice.”

However, teasing becomes hostile when people begin to use it as a way to gain higher social status , exert their power over weaker people, or simply with the intention of hurting. When nasty teasing is done on a daily basis, then it is called ‘bullying’ or harassment.


As previously stated, when the game becomes offensive and on top of that; it is done frequently, we are talking about harassment.

In schools, it is very common for people with disabilities to be harassed, for reasons of religion, skin color, sexual preferences.

Bullying or harassment is a very widespread practice, in which a person without any motive or purpose; regularly hurts another or others. It consists of the use of threat, force and intimidation to aggressively impose on others. Generally, bullying occurs verbally and includes insults of different kinds.

Some experts see the difference between teasing and bullying as a matter of degree. I ntimidación often begins with gentle mockery, but once the bully finds a vulnerable target; they escalate and become more offensive and persistent 

Key differences between bullying and teasing

  • The teasing is done in a playful and innocent way, in addition, people are not deeply offended. On the other hand, bullying is a recurring practice that consists of practical jokes and teasing.
  • Teasing is generally friendly in intent, while bullying is often very aggressive.
  • Teasing can help strengthen relationships, while bullying is detrimental to the victim both physically and emotionally.
  • Teasing can be viewed as good, neutral, or negative, while bullying is always viewed as negative.

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