Difference Between Therapist and Psychiatrist

Accepting the fact that help is needed is a very important and difficult step in the process of recovery or improvement in some aspects of life. Now, getting such help shouldn’t be difficult; however, that is not always the case. Difference Between Therapist and Psychiatrist

There are many factors that affect the availability of needed help at the right time, such as cost, access to medical facilities, whether or not you have health insurance, the stigma associated with that, and many other things. .

If you can keep going despite the obstacles mentioned above, then there is another challenge to face. Who do you turn to for help? Should you go to a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, or someone else?

Perhaps knowing some definitions and characteristics of these professionals will allow you to better discern which would be the most appropriate to treat your problem.

On this occasion we will explain to you what is the difference between a psychiatrist and a therapist, if you have doubts about it or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know; Keep reading, as below we tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

THERAPIST  Difference Between Therapist and Psychiatrist

This is a very broad concept that encompasses different fields of study, some not necessarily related to mental health. There are many types of therapists , but when in the context of psychology the official term would be psychotherapist.

A psychotherapist is someone with a bachelor’s degree who qualifies them to provide psychotherapy, therefore this word could be used to refer to psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. Likewise, a psychotherapist could conduct psychotherapy with individuals, groups, couples, or families; however, to do so you need a certification for each case.

Some of the most common types of therapists are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapist.
  • Psychoanalyst.
  • Psychodynamic therapist.
  • Family therapist.
  • Humanistic and integrative psychotherapist.
  • Experimental and constructivist psychotherapist.


On the other hand, a psychiatrist is a doctor who needs to have a degree in medicine to be considered as such. This professional is qualified to do something that the psychotherapist or psychologist cannot: medicate patients.

Finally, unlike the psychotherapist, the services offered by psychiatrists can go beyond psychotherapy. They can indicate medical studies and diagnose conditions that therapists are not legally qualified to diagnose. Psychiatrists can help manage and prevent disorders and other mental conditions.

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