Difference Between Tutor and Teacher with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

Main difference -Tutor vs teacher

Both teachers and tutors help students to acquire knowledge. However, the roles of tutors and teachers have many differences. Teachers focus on teaching or instructing, while tutors provide additional help for students to learn what is difficult for them. The main difference between tutor and teacher is that teachers teach an entire class while tutors teach individual students.

Who is a tutor                                Difference Between Tutor and Teacher

A tutor is a private teacher, particularly a person who teaches a single student or a small group of students. When a student is struggling with a particular topic, a tutor is hired to help them understand that topic easily. Since a tutor teaches a single student or a small group of students at a time, you can tailor the lesson to the student’s learning abilities and can use various methods and techniques to help the student understand the concepts. They can also pay attention to individual students, unlike teachers.

Although tutors are viewed as informal sources of education, they provide additional or special help to students to be successful in their formal education. It is also important to note that a tutor does not have to have the educational qualifications of a teacher. Even one student can tutor another student. For example, an undergraduate student may tutor students in high school. There are no established educational qualifications for the job of a tutor.

It is also important to note that the term tutor may have another meaning in universities. In universities, a tutor may refer to a professor who works with a single student or with a small group of students. He or she helps students in academia and acts as a mentor. Some universities also have a system in which older students who are knowledgeable in a particular subject act as tutors for high school students. 

Who is a teacher

A teacher is a person who teaches children at school. Teachers usually work in primary and secondary schools or colleges. A teacher generally teaches a larger number of students than a tutor. In some countries, there can be up to 40 students in a classroom. Therefore, it is quite possible that he or she may not be able to pay attention to each and every student.

Teaching is basically about imparting knowledge to students. But a teacher has many duties and responsibilities other than teaching. The duties and responsibilities of a teacher also include facilitating learning, monitoring and evaluating students, and guiding them on the right path.

To become a teacher, one needs educational qualifications and experience. An educational certification or a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is usually the accepted educational qualification for becoming a teacher.

Difference between tutor and teacher

Formal vs. informal

Tutor provides informal education.

Teacher provides formal education.


Tutor is a private instructor or teacher.

Teacher is a person who teaches in a school.

Number of students

Tutor teaches a single student or a small group of students at a time.

Teacher  Teaches more than 20 students at the same time.


Tutor You can adapt the lesson to the learning ability of the student.

Teacher You have to follow a standard procedure as there are many students ..


Tutor Can pay attention to individual students.

Teacher can not pay attention to individual students.


Tutors cannot be qualified as a teacher.

Teachers Generally have more qualifications than tutors.

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