Difference Between Tv Series and Movies

Both movies and television series are programs for popular entertainment. Like movies, TV series have also caught people’s attention and are very popular. The actors who star in the series are also famous like those who appear in movies.


Movies are not only programs with creative concepts to entertain people, but also in many cases bring something new. On the other hand, among television series (where soap operas are also included), there is usually not as much creativity as in the case of movies; the series are intended more to deal with the issues of the moment.


Compared to movies, series are much longer; which is why in many cases they can become boring and repetitive. Movies, on the other hand, usually last a maximum of three hours.

Another difference between television series and movies is that with the former, the audience cannot grasp the whole plot at once, while with movies, people just have to sit back and wait for everything to be resolved.

When it comes to production costs, TV series can be as expensive as movies; depending on the duration of it (there are many series that take years) and the quality of the chapters. Regarding the format, the films are made in 70mm; while the series are made in 35mm.

Series can reach more remote locations than movies and often reach a wider audience.

Key differences between TV series and movies

  • Movies tend to be more creative and have other missions in addition to simple entertainment, while series in general are more inclined to deal with the issues of the moment.
  • Series are much longer than movies.
  • The format in which movies are recorded is 70mm, while that of series is 35mm.
  • During the transmission of TV series, it tends to interrupt advertising more than during the transmission of a movie. This is due to the fact that the budget of the series is extracted directly from the commercials and that of the movies is not.

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