Difference Between Vanilla and Almond Extract

Both almond extract and vanilla extract are ingredients used to add flavor to certain dishes. They are incorporated into a large number of recipes in which it is intended to give food a touch of the flavor of the original ingredient. Difference Between Vanilla and Almond Extract

Both are widely popular and both have their own distinctive characteristics. If you have doubts about the difference between almond extract and vanilla extract or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything what you need to know about this interesting topic.

ALMOND EXTRACT Difference Between Vanilla and Almond Extract

The first thing that is worth clarifying is that the extracts are made by combining the oil of the original ingredient with alcohol. This creates a stable and long-lasting flavoring agent. In these cases, the alcohol serves as a bond to preserve the flavor and strength of the substance.

Ethyl alcohol and vodka are commonly used to make the extracts, although rum and brandy are sometimes used as well.

Almond extract is made by combining the oil from almonds with ethyl alcohol. For the extract to be pure, the oil has to be extracted from bitter almonds; while the natural almond extract is made from the essence of cassia bark.

Some knockoffs of this product are created from synthetic chemicals and these knockoffs typically do not contain the typical bitter taste of alcohol.

Pure almond extract is the most widely used in cooking. It tends to be added to dishes that require baking and especially to certain desserts. The dish acquires the strong flavor of this dried fruit once it has been finished.


On the other hand, vanilla extract is made from vanilla beans soaked in a solution of water and alcohol (usually vodka, as it complements the flavor of vanilla).

The alcohol absorbs the flavor of the beans over the course of a few months and sugar is sometimes added to the solution, resulting in a slightly darker liquid. After a few months, the dark liquid gets a rich and aromatic flavor that adds a touch of vanilla to dishes.

Finally, compared to vanilla extract, almond extract is more concentrated and powerful. However, the first is usually more expensive than the second. They are generally not interchangeable even though both are used in similar desserts and recipes.

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