Difference Between Verification and Validation

Verification and validation are two important terms often used in the context of business, industry and in the corporate world. Both have to do with testing the quality and condition of a product , however, they do not mean the same thing.

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information, keep reading, because below we will explain what the difference between validation and verification is.

VERIFACTION Difference Between Verification and Validation 

Verification is the process of confirming that the product truly fits what is described or its specifications in terms of functionality. It takes place during the meetings of the personnel in charge of the review of said products. For example, if a company develops a brush cutter; they have to fulfill that specific function. It cannot turn out that in the end they cannot even be used to cut paper; since in such a case they would be lying to the customers who buy them.

During the reviews of the products by the staff, if something that does not work very well is found, then feedback is offered with a view to correcting the defects and the possible problems solved. The monitoring of this process, which can take place in various phases of the development cycle, is done with the aim of ensuring that the work is guided in the right direction.


On the other hand, once the product has been developed by the team, the next step is validation. In this process, the product itself is put to the test by the team in charge of carrying them out. This ensures that the product achieves the desired degree of functionality.

Validation is a process that takes place in the final stage of product development, therefore, the entire approach is directed to their control. This testing phase could be divided into several more and at the end it is concluded whether the product can be launched or not.

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