Difference Between Viber and Tango

Both Viber and Tango are two of the most popular applications to send free text messages and make calls using the Internet through smartphones. Both work with the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  resource group,  and both are available for IOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile operating systems. The Viber application only supports voice calls and SMS messages, but Tango also offers video calls.    c

VIBER    Difference Between Viber and Tango

Once you have installed Viber on your phone, it will be very easy to make free calls to other phones that also have the application installed. iPhone users can download Viber from the App Store, while Android users must use Google Play. After downloading the application, registration is quite simple since the number of the smartphone is used as the username and then the verification is completed with a code sent by the application. Viber’s address book will be the same as the one you normally use on your cell phone and you can navigate in the contact list and see who of them already use the app on their phones. As long as you are connected to the Internet, this application will allow you to make calls for free,


Tango works almost in the same way as Viber, but this one, unlike the other, does allow video calls. This does not require a long registration either, since when the application is started for the first time it will use the cell phone number as the username and the contacts will automatically be synchronized.

One drawback of these two applications is that the privacy of the mobile number cannot be protected, therefore if you use these applications, the contacts you have added will be able to see your number.

Key differences between Viber and Tango:

  • Tango allows video calls, while Viber only supports SMS and voice calls.
  • Tango allows you to play interactive games during a conversation. This option is not available for Viber users.

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