Difference Between Weighted and Unweighted GPA with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

Weighted vs unweighted average

The GPA or Grade Point Average is a tool used by schools and colleges to judge student performance. Students receive grades at the end of a unit in any course of study, and the grade point average or GPA is the average of these grades earned in one term (GPA) or the entire course (GPA). There are two different types of GPA called weighted and unweighted GPA. Although there are many similarities between these two types of GPA, there is a difference between weighted and unweighted GPA. Knowing the difference can be important to both students and those on the admissions committees that select students for admission. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a weighted GPA?

There are courses and classes that are different from regular classes. Some classes are accelerated and more difficult than regular classes. There are schools that want a student’s GPA to reflect this fact. This results in the practice of a weighted GPA that takes into account the toughness or challenging nature of a course or class. Not all grades are considered equal by those on admissions committees. If you have an A in introductory ceramics classes and a B in advanced math or geometry, you may be tempted to think that an A is superior to B. However, a B in advanced geometry is better than an A in an introductory ceramics class. .

The US grading system is on a scale of 1 to 4 where grade points 4 reflect excellent performance, 3 reflect good performance, grade 2 refers to passing grades, while 1 grade Grade means that the student has failed in the class or course.

The thing to remember with the weighted GPA is that it will be at least equal to or higher than the traditional or unweighted GPA, as additional grades are awarded for passing more difficult or difficult classes. Whether it is an honors course, advanced course, or higher level course, grades are calculated on a scale of 1 to 5 and not 1 to 4, as is the case with the traditional unweighted GPA. Therefore, an A in the weighted GPA means that the student earns a 5 and not a 4 as is the case with the unweighted GPA.

What is an unweighted GPA?

This is the grade point average used for ordinary classes and courses and uses a scale of 1 to 4. The unweighted GPA may not indicate how smart a student is, but it certainly does indicate the student’s level of achievement for more than a period of time while pursuing a course. The unweighted GPA is a good indicator of a student’s performance as it does not confuse the scholarship provider or a person on the admissions committee.

What is the difference between weighted GPA and unweighted GPA?

• Unweighted GPA is on a scale of 1-4 while weighted GPA is on a scale of 1-5.

• Additional credits are awarded in a weighted course, as it may be more difficult or advanced than an unweighted course.

• The weighted GPA reflects the level of difficulty of the course along with the performance measure, but it also confuses scholarship and admissions awards.

• Some students and teachers use the weighted GPA to improve grades or grades.

• Unweighted GPA is considered a better indicator of a student’s performance in a course.

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