Difference Between Works Cited and Works Consulted with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

Cited works vs consulted works

Citation and bibliography are words that are of great importance to all those who write essays and academic papers. Academic writing requires mentioning the sources that have been consulted or used in one way or another. This is why we see additional pages in the essay or journal list that are called works cited and works consulted. Many students remain confused between these two categories of sources, as there are often both sources contained in both lists. This article attempts to highlight the subtle differences between the works cited and those consulted in order to remove any confusion from the minds of students involved in academic writing.

What is the cited work?

The works or sources that you mention in your essay or essay are mentioned in a list at the end of the essay called works cited. These are also called references as the sources that are mentioned in your work while emphasizing a point or corroborating a fact. It is required by the teachers of its students, to mention all the sources that are mentioned in the text by the writer. The list of works cited is always in alphabetical order and is placed at the end of the research paper or an essay. This is a list containing the names of all the sources that have been mentioned in the text in parentheses where the author’s last name is mentioned.

The citation of the works serves the purpose of intellectual honesty, as the author gives credit to the original source when presenting a fact and does not take any credit for himself. The citation also lends credibility to the article or essay by mentioning the names of well-known authorities or personalities.

What is Consulted Works?

There is often a list of consulted papers at the end of the text of an essay or research paper. This is a list of papers that have been read and consulted by the author of the article before submitting their own ideas. This list often contains sources that are omitted from the list of works cited. This happens when the student wishes to give a source a much more important place than simply listing it in the works cited. Therefore, there are cases where you cannot see a consulted job in the list of cited works.

What is the difference between works cited and works consulted?

• When writing a research paper or an essay, teachers expect and require their students to mention the names of the authors or sources of work mentioned in some way in the text. This is a list called works cited and it contains all the names and sources in alphabetical order. In the text, these sources are mentioned by taking the author’s last name and in parentheses.

• The list of consulted works contains the names of the authors or sources that were consulted when writing the document. This list really shows intellectual honesty as you try to give credence to the sources that have been read and researched prior to writing the paper.

The works referred to but not cited are in the list of consulted works. Then, jobs that are not found within the parentheses within the text are found in the list of consulted jobs.

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