Difference Between World and Universe

Although for many people, the terms “world” and “universe” are unmistakable, the truth that it is for some they are synonymous; which is obviously a mistake since there are differences between these two concepts.

If you have doubts or just want to understand more clearly what is the difference between universe and world, do not stop reading this article.

WORLD  Difference Between World and Universe

The term ‘world’ has become synonymous with Earth and refers to the planet we live on. However, the word has several definitions. It can be used to refer to various things in different contexts, including philosophical and theological.

World is also used to refer to human civilization, specifically human history and experience . For example, if we were to live on Mars, we would refer to Mars as the world.

In a theological context, ‘world’ refers to the material or the realm of the profane, rather than the heavenly, spiritual, transcendent, and sacred. For example, the phrase ‘end of the world’ does not refer to the end of planet Earth, but to that of wicked human beings. Still, the concept “world” in almost every sense refers to the Earth and its people.


The term ‘universe’ refers to everything, including space and dark matter. It is also used to refer to the set of what exists in a time-space, such as stars, galaxies,   matter and energy.

The universe is a growing space (it is constantly expanding), where all the galaxies, planets and stars exist. The Big Bang theory describes how it was formed. The study of the universe includes everything that is found in it, as well as its shape, how celestial bodies are born.

The universe is considered as an infinite space that is governed by the laws of physics. There is another theory that speaks of a multi-universe and suggests that multiple universes exist at the same time. These are popularly known as parallel universes.

Although at present the universe is considered infinite , the observable (until now) is finite; But this may change as technology continues to develop.

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