Difference Between Yoga and Tai Chi


Yoga is originally from India. It is based on correct breathing, exercise and meditation to facilitate the improvement of physical and mental health. Yoga instructions generally depend on the needs of each person. Today, it is a common practice to relieve tension and to achieve a degree of peace of mind. Difference Between Yoga and Tai Chi

The usual pattern of Yoga includes different positions or postures on the floor, either sitting or standing. The arms are often used to support the weight of the body, in order to increase strength. It sometimes causes pressure on the wrists and shoulders, but changes can be made to decrease this pressure on the joints. Correct information and guidance are essential to avoid accidents and injuries.

Through Yoga they intend to obtain benefits in three aspects that are: the physical, mental and spiritual aspect. The physical aspect includes flexibility and good balance. Yoga has also been found to help increase energy, improve breathing and circulatory health, relieve pain, increase vitality, aid in weight loss, and provide a feeling of greater joviality. It also builds muscle tone and helps relieve asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome. Second, the mental aspect includes relaxation, especially in handling stressful situations, and contributes to fostering positive thinking and self-acceptance. In the spiritual aspect, it promotes awareness of one’s own feelings, the body and the environment. Build trust between body, mind and spirit.

TAI CHI  Difference Between Yoga and Tai Chi

On the other hand, Tai Chi came from China in the 1300s. It is a gentle martial art, designed to work the muscles and joints using a low-impact, gentle method.

These are standing positions or postures in which steps are taken. The feet are used to carry the body, while the arms move slowly and gracefully in the air. The posture is continuous, to ensure that the body is in constant motion. The movement should come from the inside of the body (abdomen and back), and not from the outside (arms and shoulders).

Tai Chi is good for relaxation and concentration. It also helps build strength, balance, and flexibility. Helps to stay stress-free and increases stamina and energy. Since it is low impact, it helps lubricate the joints and is good for those suffering from arthritis. It can be practiced at any age.

Key differences between Yoga and Tai Chi

  • Yoga is originally from India, while Tai Chi comes from China.
  • In Tai Chi the legs are used to support the weight of the body, while in Yoga; the weight of the body sometimes falls on the arms.
  • Yoga is an exercise for the body and mind, while Tai Chi is more mental.
  • Tai Chi postures can be practiced by people of any age, while in Yoga there are postures and positions that can be quite complicated for older people.

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