Difference between Yogurt and Kefir

It is common to confuse kefir and yogurt as they look similar, but there really are many distinctions between these two dairy products. The main difference between these two dairy foods lies in their preparation. For its part, yogurt is prepared through bacterial fermentation. Instead, kefir is made by double fermentation (bacterial and fungal). There are many more details that distinguish these two products. Read on and discover the main differences and similarities between yogurt and kefir.

Yogurt is creamier than kefir, which tends to have a more liquid composition.

Yogurt vs Kefir. Main differences Difference between Yogurt and Kefir

  • Yogurt is obtained through bacterial fermentation, whereas kefir is the product of double fermentation (bacterial and fungal).
  • Yogurt is creamier than kefir, which tends to have a more liquid composition.
  • Kefir is more digestive and has a more acidic taste than yogurt, although yogurt is also digestive, but has a higher level of lactose in its final product.
  • In yogurt, vitamin B predominates, and in kefir there is a greater presence of vitamin K, tryptophan, calcium and magnesium.
What is a Yogurt?

The yogurt is a dairy product obtained by fermentation of milk. Yogurt is a food originating in Turkey and its term derives from the “ yoğurt” trick and refers directly to its preparation method (bacterial fermentation).

Its origins position it just before the emergence of agriculture in Europe and Eurasia. It is worth mentioning that the agents that participate in said fermentation process are Streptococus and Lactobacillus bacteria .

Yogurt characteristics  Difference between Yogurt and Kefir

This food can be obtained from any type of milk, although cow’s milk is currently the main means of obtaining it as a raw material. Today, the aforementioned bacteria are often mixed with other types such as L. Casei and Streptococus Thermophilus to achieve a more complete and beneficial fermentation for our body.

Yogurt has many vitamins, especially A and B and is a very nutritious food. It is considered an important element in diets because it is a very balanced product. In addition, yogurt is a probiotic food and its consumption can provide important health benefits. Another important benefit of yogurts is that they are very useful for restoring intestinal flora after a course of antibiotics.

Finally, if you are one of those people who care about their physical appearance, you should know that yogurt is considered one of the main anti-aging foods. A fact confirmed by the scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Ilia Mechnikov.

Homemade yogurt in a yogurt maker

There is no better way to enjoy a good yogurt than to enjoy a homemade one. There is no excuse to prepare them ourselves because there are some fantastic yogurt makers on the market that do all the work for us. And all easily and simply. Here we show you a selection of the best that we have found on the Internet.

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