Differences Between Higo And Breva

Not the same as a fig a fig . Both fruits, all and that come from the same tree (the fig tree) have different ripening processes. This fact makes its shape and taste slightly different. In this article we are going to explain all the differences between figs and figs so that you know how to differentiate them in a clear and simple way. We start?  Differences Between Higo And Breva

They are fruits of the same tree, but figs are sweeter and tastier than figs.

How to differentiate figs and figs?

Fig vs Breva. Main differences

  • The biggest difference is the ripening time. figs ripen from the end of July to November.
  • The figs ripen earlier, in early summer. We can even find figs that could not ripen in summer and do so after winter, remaining dormant until the first heats.
  • The taste of the fig is a little less sweet than that of the fig.
  • The fig, unlike the fig, is pear-shaped.

What is a fig? Differences Between Higo And Breva

The fig is a fruit obtained from the fig tree, (plant of the genus ficus). In botanical terms it is said that the fig is not exactly just a fruit, but that it is an infrutescence, which in short is the result of the fertilization of the inflorescence, as well as the fertilization of the ovule of some plants.

The fig is a distinctly Mediterranean fruit, in fact, it is said that the fig tree is originally from Caria, Turkey. 

Finally, it is important to mention that the fig is easy to grow, because it can grow at different temperatures; therefore, we can find figs in cold climates, and in hot climates. This is because the fig tree is easily adaptable.

Figs characteristics  Differences Between Higo And Breva

Like any other fruit, the fig has certain characteristics that distinguish it. One of them is size, usually measuring between 5-7 centimeters long, and 4.5-5.5 in diameter. Of course, the size varies according to the type of fig, since there are more than 750 species of figs.

On the other hand, figs are covered by a soft layer, which, depending on the color, can be green, purple or black.

Figs, in addition to having a soft meat with a high fiber and sugar content, are also rich in nutrients, containing potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and iron.

As far as vitamins are concerned, we must mention mainly vitamin K (in dried figs) and vitamins B, B1, B5 and B6.

What is a fig?

The fig is also a fruit product of the fig tree, and in terms of properties, it is the same. However, and although it comes from the same fig tree, it should be mentioned that not all fig trees bear both fruits.

The fact that a fig tree produces figs or figs depends entirely on the ripening period, this is where the difference lies.

The figs are the fruit of the first harvests that occur in May and June. The best known species of shortbreeds in Spain are the Colar and the Goina.

Characteristics of figs

Among the characteristics, we must mention its flavor, which is a little less sweet than the fig. In fact, it is said that the fig is the foretaste of the tastiest thing to come (The fig). As for the exterior of the fig, it could be yellow, green, purple and black; it all depends on the stage you are in.

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