Different between Tablet and Smartphone

Until not so long ago, almost all of us used telephones or cell phones; but then smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry appeared, which changed our lives. Despite this great advance, there was still more to do; And since technology is always being renewed, it is not surprising that a new product emerged: tablets.  Different between Tablet and Smartphone

Today, tablets and smartphones fulfill a wide variety of functions, but each of these devices has peculiarities that make them more or less popular with certain users.

If you are curious about this topic, keep reading, because next we will tell you what is the difference between smartphone and tablet.

TABLETS  Different between Tablet and Smartphone

The main difference between tablets and smartphones is connectivity. Most smartphones have a 3G connection (with which they can make calls, send messages, send things and download them) in addition to Wi-Fi. Some tablets come with these features, that is, they have a 3G and Wi-Fi connection; but they tend to be much more expensive.

Tablets can be considered as a mix between laptop and smartphone. They have the larger screen compared to smartphones and provide a good experience with multimedia elements.

The screen size of the tablets ranges from 7 to 10.5 inches and they look like big smartphones, but with more capacity. Also, most tablets have greater storage capacity in their internal memory; since generally people use them for multimedia.


On the other hand, smartphones fulfill the classic function of cell phones and telephones, but they also fulfill the function of a computer (at least to some extent).

As we explained before, connectivity is the advantage that smartphones have over tablets. This connectivity is what allows these devices to perform the function of making calls and sending text messages at the same time that they also offer the option of installing various applications that can be of great use to users.

Another difference and advantage that smartphones have when compared to tablets is portability. Since they are smaller, they are much easier to carry around. The screen size of smartphones is between 3.5 – 4.3 inches. Unlike tablets, smartphones even fit in a pocket.

Finally, both smartphones and tablets resemble laptops and desktops in some respects, but have the advantage of portability. Depending on the needs and tastes of the users, tablets or smartphones can be more or less recommended. For example, if you want something that can be carried anywhere without any problem, perhaps the best option would be a smartphone; However, if you are looking for something portable with a good screen to watch movies and other multimedia, perhaps the best option is a tablet. 

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