Direction And Sense with difference

These two concepts have different meanings and, therefore, there are a lot of differences between them. Without a doubt, the concept related to movement is the one that presents the most confusion between the terms of direction and sense .

In this physical aspect, the direction refers to the line that is traversed by a point and the sense refers to the way it is traversed.

For example, a road that runs between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the road itself would be the direction, while the direction would be two: towards Madrid or towards Barcelona.

Direction vs sense  Direction And Sense with difference

Main differences  Direction And Sense with difference

The direction: 

  • Indicates orientation, guidance, or heading. 
  • It also shows the line to follow to get from one point to another. 
  • It is a straight line in which the object moves.
  • It is the path that the vector will take, it is given by the line that contains it.
  • The direction does not change.

The sense:

  • It is the physiological process of perception of stimuli (touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight).
  • The sense shows the origin and the end of a line. 
  • This is where the vector is heading.
  • In a vector it is indicated by an arrow, specifically its tip.
  • The meaning may vary.

Direction and sense of a vector

What does direction mean?

The term direction has many meanings, this word comes from the Latin directio, it means to advise, guide, give rules, it has the effect of directing something specific to a place or place, leading and guiding action towards a specific end.

It also refers to advice and teaching. When it comes to companies and organizations, this activity guides the actions taken in order to guide, make decisions and set goals.

In general, it is used to guide us in the exact location of a building, home, premises, or specific site. 

Likewise, there is musical direction as in an orchestra and this is about guiding and orienting a group through techniques, in order to direct the execution of a musical work.  

Direction for movement is the course that a body or object follows. It is when a point moves on a line until it reaches the end. This direction can vary from right to left, from left to right, from bottom to top or vice versa. For example, the direction of a vector is measured from an initial point to a cardinal point, expressing its measurements by angles, and its calculation is carried out in an anti-clockwise direction.

What does meaning mean?

Like the concept of direction , this concept has several meanings which are specified below.

When we speak of meaning, we know that it is when a person expresses or manifests a certain feeling.

The meaning is related to reason and understanding, it refers to the way in which each person comes to knowledge at the time of performing specific actions.

He is also a person who feels resentful as he is easily offended. In addition, the sense can also be something painful that causes shock to a person.

Another sense of this word is when the receptors called senses (smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch) receive or capture different physical stimuli, whether external or internal.

As for the understanding and the reason, the meaning expresses the reason for being of something, a gesture, a fact or an event. Be aware of the outside world.

Another important concept is common sense, which is the ability of a person, in a given place or place, to judge facts or events reasonably in everyday life. 

In the area of ​​Physics, the expression sense is used in vectors, which is indicated by the head of an arrow to show the orientation of the mobile when an external force is applied to it. 

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