Difference Between Fable And Short Story-must read

Although the differences between the fable and the tale may be subtle, they are still important. Above all, when dividing and classifying them in a literary field. Fable And Short Story-must read

Therefore, on this occasion we have arranged a series of factors that frame and distinguish one from the other. In addition to that we will make a brief sketch of what each one is and how it is made up.

Fables are philosophical and didactic stories, while stories seek to describe situations and feelings typical of the real world without a moral.

What is a fable? Fable And Short Story-must read 

A fable is a brief literary composition either in prose or in verse that is characterized mainly by containing a teaching. They are figurative narratives that use simple and sometimes mystical language.

This makes them one of the oldest forms of literature in the world, being folkloric and typical of each culture. Fables were for many years one of the main sources of philosophical and didactic teachings.

Besides that it has mutated over the centuries, integrating aspects of other types of literary compositions. Fables vary a lot, at first they used to be short, but with the passage of time they have produced longer works.

This freedom is another of its main characteristics, which is equated to an element that is mandatory; The zoomorphic characters. Fables are almost in all cases (if not all) made up of animals.

What is a story?

A short story is a type of short story, but unlike the novel and the fable, it is not intended to teach or recreate a world. The stories are first of all, a representation of different situations.

Where the character of the improvised and the surprise are present to generate a climax that breaks the reader’s expectations. The argument is usually simple and is aimed at a fairly wide audience.

The tales have also undergone stylistic renovations, but their integrity remains intact. Which is basically to relate events and scenes very close to the real world (or that simulate that they are).

One of its distinctive characteristics, in addition to the economy of narrative resources, is precisely that its characters can be both human and animal, and even mythical or science fiction beings.

However, even today it is difficult to determine what the difference is between a short story and a short novel. Although some critics and authors point out that the difference would be the style of the narrative and not the length.

Differences between fable and tale

  • Fables are philosophical and didactic stories, while stories seek to describe situations and feelings typical of the real world without a moral.
  • In the stories the characters can be of any kind, while in the fable they are usually only animals.
  • The fable can be written in prose or in verse. Instead, the story is only written in prose.
  • In stories the author plays with the reader’s expectation and the plot always goes to a surprising climax. The fable is based more on the description of the characters, and the ending is only intended to educate.

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