hen and chicken difference with quotation

The main difference between a hen and a chicken is their development. The chicken concept refers to the growth stage of chickens and roosters. At which time it is still difficult to distinguish with the naked eye if the specimen is a chicken or a hen. That is, a male or a female. This is just one of several differences between chickens and hens. If you want to know them all, keep reading and discover all their distinctions. hen and chicken difference with quotation

The concept chicken refers to a young specimen. Instead, the hens are already mature.

Hen vs Chicken. How are they different?

  • The hen is a mature specimen of the species, for its part the chicken is in a pre-adult state and once mature it can be a hen or a rooster.
  • The life span of the chicken is up to five months at most, while that of the hen ranges from 4-5 years from the beginning of maturity.
  • The chicken is used only for the consumption of its meat, on the other hand, the hen is used both for its ingestion and for the incubation of its eggs and subsequent consumption of them.

What is a Hen?  hen and chicken difference with quotation

In Latin Gallus Gallus Domesticus , is a recognized and widespread domestic subspecies (the most widespread worldwide). It is used as food. The “hen” together with the rooster are part of the galliform bird species.

Coming from Southeast Asia, it is the most numerous bird in the world (more than 16 million members) distributed on the globe.

Chicken characteristics hen and chicken difference with quotation

Raised mainly for the consumption of their meat and eggs, this bird is omnivorous, that is, it feeds on both plants and other animals (generally insects and worms). They have a life span that ranges from 4-5 years.

They cannot fly (although they can get up in the air for a few seconds) and this is due to the intervention of the human hand in their upbringing. It is worth mentioning that it is a gregarious bird, that is, it is grouped in herds.

They have in their behavior, a hierarchical order that is established in the first weeks of life. This system is independent of the one used among males.

Chickens do not need a rooster to lay eggs, since they lay one in a cycle very similar to that of women (releasing an egg in each menstrual phase). In this same way and once they reach maturity, the hens can lay an egg. This occurs between spring and summer.

What is a Chicken?

It is a hen or rooster in early stages, that is, it is in a pre-adult phase. Therefore, the chicken that is consumed is not more than three months old, and as mentioned above, it is a fairly gregarious bird (it lives in groups).

They already have a defined sex from the time they hatch, however they cannot be called “rooster or hen” until they are at least 5 months old, from that moment they have sexual maturity.

Chicken characteristics

It shares very similar characteristics to that of chickens and roosters, the only thing that really differentiates it from them is their sexual development not yet completed. In addition to some details of the feathers.

Their diet (under the influence of humans) in hatcheries is based on a special food that contains wheat, barley, sorghum and other mill products.

It is worth mentioning that the chicken can only be born from the mating between the hen and the rooster (fertilization of the egg in its belly).

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