How to Become an IAS Officer? with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

The dream of millions of Indian students is to become an IAS officer. IAS is an acronym that stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is a difficult and highly competitive examination carried out by the Union’s public services commission. Only the best and most talented boys and girls can pass this exam, as the selection procedure is rigorous and exhausting. Becoming an IAS officer provides you with great career options as you become part of the bureaucratic system and have the opportunity to work from within. The salary of an IAS officer may not be too high, but there are many advantages provided by the government that make the IAS career the most desired among students.

How to become an IAS officer?

To become an IAS officer you have to face the civil services exam. However, you can take the civil service exam conducted by UPSC only after graduation. This means that you have to pass a bachelor’s course after completing the 10 + 2 exam. It is a year-long exam divided into preliminary exams and main exams. While the preliminary exam is objective in nature, where you have to mark the correct options against multiple choice questions, the network exam is based on theory where your true knowledge of the topics is tested. More than 100,000 students appear for preliminary exams each year, but only about 170 are eventually selected to be EEI officers. Your knowledge of Indian history, politics, economics, geography,

Eligibility Criteria for the Civil Service Exam

• You must be an Indian citizen between the ages of 21 and 30.
• You must have passed your undergraduate course in any course.

CSE Preliminary and Main Exam

Preliminary exams are objective, while the main exam is theoretical in nature. The preliminary exam takes place in the month of May / June, while the main exam takes place in the month of November / December. Personal interviews are held in April of next year and successful candidates are intimidated about their interview dates by mail. The preliminary exam assesses your knowledge in a subject of your choice and general studies. After you pass the preliminary exam, you must appear on the written exam. This exam is based on theory and consists of following 

• Any Indian language (300 marks)
• English language (300 marks)
• Essay (300 marks)
• General studies (300 marks)
• Two thematic papers of your choice (300 marks each)
• Personal interview

The list of merits of the selected candidates is prepared on the basis of the qualifications obtained and the result is announced on the Internet and in all major newspapers. You can choose your electives based on the flow you go through at your graduation. Even engineers, doctors, MBA graduates and other students appear in this prestigious exam every year with the goal of becoming an EEI officer. You can take a look at the list of optional themes from which you can choose either.

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