Micropigmentation vs Microblading

We saw in a society where aesthetics play a really important role. And when it does not meet the parameters imposed by society based on new fashion trends, viable solutions are demanded.  Micropigmentation vs Microblading

And women understand very well the role that eyebrows play on the face. And when natural eyebrows do not serve their purpose, they can be replaced or treated by means of the micropigmentation or microblading technique.

This time we will talk about the specific differences between micropigmentation and microblading.

The main difference lies in the depth of the drawing. Micropigmentation is carried out in the dermis, while microblading in the epidermis, that is, much more superficial. 

What is micropigmentation? Micropigmentation vs Microblading

Micropigmentation is in question a permanent makeup technique that allows to improve, treat or beautify certain facial or body features, through the pigmentation of the affected skin. It is an alternative to the conventional eyebrow tattoo, since it represents a more natural and harmonious way of 

Basically, the micropigmentation process consists of implanting pigments at the dermal level to give color and shape to a certain part of the body, be it the eyebrows, lips, chest, etc.

This technique allows you to wear permanent makeup that allows you to forget about touch-ups and show off a much more cared-for image. This method is ideal both to improve aesthetics on a “simple whim” and to cover blemishes such as eyebrow alopecia.

What is microblading? 

Microblading is an aesthetic treatment that allows to show off perfect and natural-looking eyebrows thanks to the semi-permanent makeup technique that is superficially integrated into the epidermis and carried out “hair by hair”, modifying by means of which the color and the shape of the eyebrow.

The hair-to-hair technique gives the face a much more realistic appearance, since being such a detailed drawing, the eyebrow acquires a hyper-realistic appearance. The pigments applied must be adapted to each client in particular, in order to achieve the highest degree of naturalness possible.

This makeup technique is ideal for those who, due to health, stress or hormonal problems, have suffered considerable loss of eyebrow hair. However, this aesthetic resource is also intended for those who simply want to rebuild their current brows.

Micropigmentation vs microblading: differences

  • Micropigmentation is permanent makeup, while microblading is semi-permanent.
  • Micropigmentation takes place in the dermis. For its part, microblading is more superficial, this drawing is made in the epidermis.
  • The instruments used are different in both techniques. Micropigmentation is carried out with a needle to draw and paint the hairs; meanwhile, in microblading a versatile metal pen is used with which hair by hair the shape of the eyebrow is created.
  • After the work is done, the micropigmentation can last from one to five years; while microblading only takes one to one and a half years. It all depends on the type of skin.
  • With micropigmentation there is more chance of an allergic reaction than with microblading.

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