Recycling and Upcycling with difference

Surely you know what  recycling means,  a used material to a process so that it can be used again . Thus, recycling is the process of converting waste into a reusable material or product. It involves taking common household items, such as paper, glass, and plastic, breaking down the materials, and using them to form another product that is often of lower quality. In contrast to this, upcycling is a recently coined term, also known as supra-recycling, or creative recycling. Here, objects are used to create products through creativity that have a greater value than the original object had. Recycling and Upcycling with difference

Traditional recycling vs u pcyclin g Recycling and Upcycling with difference

To understand the difference between traditional recycling and upcycling , we will look at an example of each. Suppose you print some sheets with errors and find that you do not need to save them. Instead of throwing them away, put these papers in a recycling bin. Then it will be sent to your local recycling center and reused to create recycled paper. This is an example of recycling.

If you take broken mirrors and leftover glass from large projects, transform them into powder and use it to create a different product, such as a stained glass window, you would be upcycling . You are taking a simple material (glass) and creating something of higher quality (a stained glass) on your own. If you took a stack of newspapers and folded them to make a planter, you would also be upcycling .

Upgrading brands 

The prestigious Vitrales brand , from El Salvador, is dedicated precisely to integrating upcycled glass into its production process: “we practice upcycling with the aim of guaranteeing that our production process is zero waste”, they state on their website.

Finally, a good way to support small businesses, and do your bit for the environment, is to prefer upcycling products . In addition to having a lower carbon footprint, they tend to be products with greater added value and innovative design.

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