Difference Between Sporophyte And Gametophyte

Definitions:  Sporophyte And Gametophyte


Gameto means gametes and phyte means plants. The generation of plants that forms gametes is called gametophyte. Sporophyte And Gametophyte


Plants produce gametes with the help of their sex organs. The generation of plants that produce spores is called sporophyte.

In plants, there is alternation of generations, where the members have haploid and diploid phases.

The haploid phase of the plant is called the gametophyte and the diploid phase is called the sporophyte. These phases are completely different. Keep reading as below we show you a comparative table with the main differences between sporophytes and gametophytes.

Sporophyte vs Gametophyte
Sporophytes use the meiosis process. Gametophytes use the process of mitosis.
It results in the formation of spores. Results in the production of gametes.
Sporophytes are diploid plants Gametophytes are haploid plants
Sporophytes have two sets of chromosomes Gametophytes have only one set of chromosomes
Sporophytes reproduce asexually Gametophytes sexually produce
The diploid spore stem cell undergoes meiosis resulting in the formation of haploid meiospores (n) Gametes participate in fertilization or fusion, which gives rise to the diploid zygote (2n)

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