Tolerance vs Intolerance with difference

The terms tolerance and intolerance are often used, especially in political and religious speeches and, of course, in the media. However, despite being so frequently employed; sometimes it seems that some people do not really understand what the meaning of them is and tend to use them ambiguously and thus confuse people.  Tolerance vs Intolerance with difference

To better understand the differences between tolerance and intolerance, we first have to understand the meaning of these words, so if you want more information about it, keep reading, because we will explain below.

TOLERANCE  Tolerance vs Intolerance with difference

Tolerance means being able to allow something that differs from your own beliefs or opinions to exist. In this sense, when something is tolerated, its existence is accepted; but that acceptance does not mean that one agrees with that which is tolerated.

It is a very common term in political and religious contexts, in which people often have difficulty understanding and assuming that there are different opinions and beliefs that must be respected. Tolerance is above all respect.

Someone who tolerates a belief does not necessarily follow it, only accepts the right that others have to believe in other things. Tolerance goes beyond whether we consider that the beliefs or opinions of others are good or bad, they are simply respected without leaving our own aside.


On the other hand, intolerance is the opposite of tolerance (yes, as you had suspected). It consists of not accepting or respecting points of view, beliefs or behaviors that differ from their own or those that are considered correct.

Many people are confused when using this term, because sometimes they believe that presenting a different point of view from what is defended is a show of intolerance and, the truth is that it is not like that.

Intolerance involves actions that go beyond opposing opinions or beliefs. For example, someone who does not accept visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses in their home is not intolerant, why? because that person has the right not to accept that someone enters his house (it is something private). Now, if that person objects not only to Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting his home, but also those of others; that person is showing intolerance, since they are not respecting the rights of others.

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