Voltage and Current formula with deference in tabular form

In this topic we discus about “voltage and current formula with deference in tabular form”. The difference between voltage and current is explained here in detail. The difference in current and voltage is one of the most frequently asked questions for students of electricity and physics.

volts and amps difference given here can help students to better understand the basics and to know their comparisons thoroughly.

Main differences  voltage and  current formula with deference in tabular form

Voltage, also called electromotive force, is simply energy per unit charge. In other words, the voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points The current is just the flow rate of the electric charge. In simple words, current is the rate at which electric charge flows in a circuit at a particular point.
The SI unit of voltage is Volts (V).
Note:  1 volt = 1 joule / coulomb
The SI unit of current is Ampere (A).
Note:  1 amp = 1 coulomb / second.
The voltage is indicated by «V» The current is denoted by “I”
Voltage can be measured using a voltmeter Current can be measured with an ammeter
Voltage is the cause of current Current is the effect of voltage, that is, current cannot flow without voltage
The voltage loss is caused by impedance Loss of current occurs due to passive elements
Voltage creates an electrostatic field The current creates a magnetic field
In a series connection, the voltage changes, that is, it is distributed among all components  a series connection, the current remains the same in all components
 parallel connection, the voltage remains the same across all components In a parallel connection, the current changes, that is, it is distributed among all the components


These were the main differences between voltage and current. These current and voltage differences can help students understand this topic in detail and easily answer any related questions on the tests.

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