What is biometric authentication/ Advantages

Fingerprints, the retina, the iris of the eyes or facial and voice features are increasingly common patterns for identity verification. What do you know about biometrics and why is biometric identification applied to different security systems? What is biometric authentication/ Advantages

What is? What is biometric authentication/ Advantages

The Biometrics is the unequivocal recognition of people based on physical traits (fingerprints, retina, iris, face …) or behavioral (signature, gait or even click) that are specific and unique features of each of they. They do not change over time and do not depend on circumstances or environment. It is a process similar to that which humans usually carry out, recognizing and identifying their fellow human beings by their physical appearance, their voice or the way they walk.

Depending on the recognition system used, we could talk about voice biometrics, eye and face recognition, among others.

What is biometric recognition used for?

Biometrics is generally used to implement access controls to facilities (fingerprint readers for door opening) and / or to systems / devices (fingerprint unlocking on mobile phones). Using mathematical techniques and algorithms, the physical or behavioral characteristics of a person are recognized to identify them (authentication) and grant or deny them access (authorization).

What are the advantages of using biometric systems?

  • Prevents users from having to remember passwords to access IT systems.
  • Avoid the loss of magnetic cards, keys and other similar access control mechanisms, which can lead to unauthorized access.
  • It makes it difficult for unauthorized access, as is easily the case with password theft.
  • They allow a reliable identification of individuals based on their unique characteristics.

Technological advances allow biometrics to increase the reliability of user identification based on unique personal characteristics or traits.

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