What is Parquet Flooring difference

It is common to have some confusion when differentiating between parquet and a platform. These two types of soils, everything and that many people believe that they are the same type, are completely different. If you are going to do a home renovation to renew the flooring in your home and you are thinking about a parquet or flooring, it is important that you know their differences in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. In this article we explain the main differences between these two types of soil.  What is Parquet Flooring difference

Parquet vs Platform  What is Parquet Flooring difference

Main differences

  • Parquet is always made of wooden sheets. On the other hand, the platform can contain various manufacturing materials according to the needs of the people.
  • The platform is not considered a “floor” because it is a layer that is placed on a previous floor. For its part, the installation of the parquet requires removing the previous flooring.
  • The price of parquet is higher than that of flooring due to the use of natural wood added to its treatment.
  • The flooring has a lower aesthetic value than parquet, which is much better in the decorative aspect.

Differences between types of parquet and flooring

What is Parquet?

Parquet is a floor structure made up mainly of wooden slats that are about 1 centimeter thick. It is considered an innovative type of flooring and recommended for installation in homes due to its comfort and decorative characteristics.

In addition, it is one of the most recommended options for renovating old floors, since its installation is very easy. Another benefit is that this type of floor is quite decorative. There are many types of wooden parquet that adapt to the taste and style of the person.

Parquet characteristics  What is Parquet Flooring difference

Parquet is made of mainly wood (although its composition is a mixture) where several layers of natural wood are placed on a support with its appropriate core that helps the structure in the task of absorbing shocks and weight on it.

This type of flooring has great stability and has a very good decorative appearance. However, depending on the type of wood of its composition, its resistance and original state can change under different conditions of humidity, temperature and daily treatment.

It is also characterized by the great preparation (or treatment) of the sheets before their installation, but it is worth mentioning that mounting the parquet is usually more complicated than other types of surfaces.

In addition to being slightly more expensive than other models of wooden floors, but still it offers great comfort in its use.

What is a Pallet?

The platform, also called “floating platform”, is not usually considered a type of floor, since it is placed on a previously built one. Hence the “floating” concept. In addition, its composition is much more varied than other models, since it is made of different materials depending on the tastes, the client’s budget and the place where it is to be placed.

The strength of the deck will depend on the type of manufacture and the materials used during installation.

Pallet characteristics

As we had mentioned previously, its structure will vary depending on the materials (wood, fibers, vinyl or a mixture of the above). In this way, their resistance is affected according to their nature.

Vinyl floorboards are much more resistant to humidity and those made of wooden sheets will be resistant to pressure and blows. Everything is a matter of priority and the needs of each person.

They tend to be very resistant and can last for many years before they need maintenance or replacement. In addition to the fact that the flooring is cheaper compared to other options (such as parquet), but it is less attractive to the eye once installed.

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