What is the difference between ping and traceroute

The main difference between ping and traceroute is that ping is used to test network connectivity and name resolution while traceroute is used to find the actual path from source to destination.

A computer network is a collection of devices that are connected to each other to exchange data and resources. The devices communicate with each other through a wired or wireless communication medium. It is important to maintain the network after creating and establishing the network with the necessary software, hardware, and protocols. Problems that arise on the network can be resolved through troubleshooting, which helps keep the network running smoothly. Ping and Traceroute are two utilities for troubleshooting a network. Their corresponding commands are ping and tracert.

Key Areas Covered

1. What is ping
     – Definition, Functionality
2. What is traceroute
     – Definition, Functionality
3.  What is the relationship between ping and traceroute
     – Scheme of association
4. What is the difference between ping and traceroute
     – Comparison of key differences

what is ping

Ping is a command used to test issues like network connectivity and name resolution. To test network connectivity , the user can go to the command line and type pingand press the enter key. The IP address is the IP address of the destination. This command will send 4 data packets to the destination device. This is called pinging. The destination machine will then send data packets to the sending machine. These responses are called echo reply requests . They make sure that there is network connectivity between sending and destination devices.

After starting, if the sending device receives a message like “request timed out”, it means either the host is down or ping requests are being blocked. If the sending device receives a message like “destination host unreachable”, that means the messages are coming from the router. Indicates that the route to the destination is not found.

Additionally, the ping command can be used for test name resolution . User can go to command line and type, ping.. for example, ping yahoo.com. Getting successful responses indicates that DNS name resolution is working fine. The IP address can be used if the domain name does not work. If there are no responses when the domain name is used and there are responses when the IP address is used, this indicates a problem with the DNS server. In general, Ping is used to send signals to the destination.

what is traceroute

Traceroute helps to find the exact route that the data packet must take to reach the destination. At the command prompt, the user can type tracertand press enter. So a data packet goes to the destination. Every time a router passes, it sends that information about that router to the sending device. This information includes the IP address and the time it took to travel between each hop. In this way, traceroute helps identify where a problem occurs on the network. In general, Traceroute helps trace the route from one location to another, logging every hop along the way.

Relationship between ping and traceroute

  • If there are no successful responses from the ping command, the tracert command can be used to find where along the path the data packet failed.  

Difference Between Ping and Traceroute


Ping is a network utility that is primarily used to test connectivity between two nodes or devices. Traceroute is a network utility used to trace the path a packet takes on a network from source to destination. Thus, this explains the fundamental difference between ping and traceroute.


Ping is used to test network connectivity and name resolution. Traceroute helps to find the exact route of the data packet to reach the destination. It also helps to recognize if the failure occurred along the way. This is a big difference between ping and traceroute.


Also, the ping command is ping . The user can also use ping.. Meanwhile, the command for traceroute is tracert.


Ping and Traceroute look similar, but they do have one difference. The difference between ping and traceroute is that ping is used to test network connectivity and name resolution, while traceroute is used to find the actual path from source to destination.

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