Difference between Dynasty Empire and Kingdom

Throughout history there have been many kingdoms, empires, and dynasties. Many might think that these words are synonymous, but in reality they have different meanings and denote very different things. Difference between Dynasty Empire and Kingdom

If you have doubts about the difference between these three concepts, keep reading and discover what they are.

KINGDOM  Difference between Dynasty Empire and Kingdom

A kingdom is generally a nation that is ruled by a monarch. A monarch is usually a king or queen. Any country that is ruled by a monarchy can be considered as a kingdom.

In a kingdom, the king or queen has the supreme power and his word is law.


It can be said that an empire is a great kingdom, but with that definition nothing is specified about the true difference between one and the other.

In addition to being larger than kingdoms, empires tend to expand  into different regions; subjecting various nations. These regions and nations may be very far from the head of the empire, that is, its capital. For example, at the height of their power, the British ruled England, Scotland, Wales, India, the West Indies, Australia, and North America.

Empires are usually  ruled by an emperor or empress , who has the supreme authority. The emperor or empress can hire or appoint representatives. They appoint governors to some and charge them to govern a region in their name.

An empire can also include many small kingdoms, under sovereign authority.


On the other hand, a dynasty is completely different from a kingdom or an empire. A dynasty has nothing to do with the nation itself, at least not directly. The term dynasty refers to the monarchs of a country or a nation.

It is the series of rulers who belong to the same family, although in some cases this term can also be used to establish differences (based on important events that have occurred) between different times when rulers of the same family have ruled.

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