Difference between Nerd and Smart

Often times the terms “smart” and “nerdy” are used to describe certain people. Despite everything, both concepts describe different realities. In fact, a nerd may or may not be smart and someone smart may or may not be a nerd.  Difference between Nerd and Smart

If you have doubts about the difference between these two types of people, keep reading because we will explain it to you below.

NERD  Difference between Nerd and Smart

The term nerd is used to refer to a person who behaves awkwardly when interacting with other people, that is, it describes a socially inept individual.

Generally it is someone who has very strong interests and focuses on their subjects of interest, which can be technical, scientific or artistic; like computers, games, books, comics… Their interests are so strong that others might consider them obsessive.

Calling someone a nerd often implies that the person has a particular style of clothing, hair…. They are usually individuals who do not focus much on their appearance in order to have more time for their true interests.

Historically, the term nerd has been used disparagingly against those who fit the stereotype; but with the passage of time its meaning has changed. Today many people are proud to be called nerds and proudly congregate, whether in online forums or online video games.


On the other hand, the term smart has nothing to do with presence, demeanor or style. Those people who have the ability to learn and understand things easily, as well as the ability to deal with new or difficult situations, are considered intelligent.

The intelligence also has to do with logical thinking people, understanding, abstract thinking, good communication, emotional awareness, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving.

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