Difference Between Geography and Geology

It is easy to understand why there is so much confusion about what is the difference between Geology and Geography, since both terms are used in relation to the Earth; However, what we must all take into account is that they are different branches of study that share a common aspect: the interest in understanding aspects of this planet.  Difference Between Geography and Geology

If you have any questions or want a little more information about it, keep reading, because below we will explain what the difference between Geography and Geology is.

GEOLOGY  Difference Between Geography and Geology

This branch focuses its study on the processes related to the formation of the earth, as well as its composition and the types of rocks that can be found in it. In short, Geology studies the history of the Earth and it is precisely through the investigations carried out by geologists that we have some information about plate tectonics, the evolution of life and the climates of the past.

This study of the earth’s past serves to predict and prepare for the future. In addition, today Geology also helps in other things; for example: with the classification and search of minerals, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, evaluation and reuse of aquatic resources, understanding the causes of some natural threats and also in the fight against climate change.


On the other hand, Geography is responsible for the study of relief and landscape, both natural and that in which the hand of man has intervened.

Many people believe that the maps of countries and their capitals are the main object of study of this science, however, the truth is that Cartography is responsible for that; which is only one aspect of Geography. Officially geographers focus on the study of space and the temporal distribution of phenomena, processes and other characteristics of the Earth; as well as the interaction of the human being with the environment.

Finally, Geography is known to be very interdisciplinary; that is, it impacts and is impacted by other fields of study. In fact, this science has played an important role in issues related to the economy, health, climate, plants and animals.

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